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From wish kid to fatherhood - Abraham's story

Wish alumni, Abraham
The wish was just the beginning of an amazing journey. Read more...

Today marks the 15-year-anniversary of my wish being granted - to be in the middle of the ocean on the 4th of July on a cruise (Bahamas/Bermuda)

Not only was the wish experience a reprieve from the multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment but it was an opportunity to reflect on the ups and downs of that year (1998), which included:

  • A car accident and ER visit where doctors found a "weird" shadow in my x-ray scans...
  • Two months after the accident, at the age of 15, being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer...
  • Turning 16 years old while in treatment at the hospital and watching the NY Yankees win their 25th World Series title...
  • And throughout it all being told that the chemo/radiation treatment which was saving my life may also impede the ability to create life and have a family of my own... 

However, any doubts I had about having a family of my own ended last year on May 12, 2013 - when my son Abraham Andrés was born and I had the privilege of becoming his father. Holding him in my arms reminded me of how fragile life can be and how fortunate I was to have been able to have my second wish granted - to be a dad. 

If you are a wish kid and are wondering what your future holds - though every journey is unique, I can honestly say that anything is possible

Lay the groundwork by dreaming BIG, cultivating meaningful relationships and always staying positive - life will not cease to amaze you.


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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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