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Types of Fundraisers

In using a child’s imagination, your project ideas are endless! Take a look below for fundraising ideas.

Host a Wish Week.  It is a week’s worth of fundraising, made up of daily activities, that can happen whenever your school would like! Start a Wish Week at your school today!

Have a Make-A-Wish® Money Week.   On Monday, students donate their pennies; on Tuesday they donate nickels; on Wednesday they donate dimes; on Thursday they donate quarters; and on Friday, they donate one-dollar bills.  You may want to locate a bank that is willing to count your change.  One local elementary school raised $1,200 in one week!

Have a Dance Marathon.
   You will need to reserve your school’s gymnasium and ask a local DJ to donate his or her services.  Have students obtain pledges from relatives and friends and ask local businesses to make cash donations or donate food or gifts to use as door prizes for dancers.  Think of fun activities to keep dancers busy, i.e. the hokey pokey, the limbo, etc.  Determine a time frame for the marathon; we suggest six hours.

Sell cutouts.   You can make your own Make-A-Wish cutouts or order them through the Foundation.  Cutouts can be sold to students for $1.00 each.  Students then write their names on them, and the cutouts should then be displayed on a wall in your school to show your support of Make-A-Wish.  One local school district also gave some cutouts to their local businesses to sell to their customers! Together they raised $7,500 to help fund wishes for three local children.

Have a Paper Chain Link Contest.  Paper links are sold to students for 50 cents, and each grade makes a different color chain.  They compete to see who can make the longest paper chain for Make-A-Wish.

Have a Hat Day.
   Students give a $1.00 donation to wear a hat all day at school.  You may even want to give a prize to the student wearing the funniest hat.

Sell Candy-Grams.   For 50 cents or one dollar, kids write messages to friends and teachers, which are delivered during the day.  Each message has a piece of candy attached.  Candy-grams work especially well around holidays.

Have a Read-A-Thon.   Call Make-A-Wish for their Kids For Wish Kids pledge form or develop a simple pledge form of your own.  Next, send a letter home with students asking friends and relatives for pledges based on the number of books their child will read in one month.  At the end of the month, students collect the pledges and turn in their donation in to their teachers.

Have a Band or Choral Concert.   Collect donations at your next holiday or spring concert.  This is great for high school and middle school band and choral groups.  You can charge a small admission fee or pass around a can to collect donations.

Have a Pajama Party.   Have a school dance where everyone has to wear his or her pajamas.  Charge an admission fee for Make-A-Wish.

Organize a Student/Teacher Basketball or Volleyball Game.   Students and teachers compete against each other in basketball, volleyball or any other sporting event you devise.  Funds are raised through an admission fee and sale of refreshments.  A 50/50 raffle could also be used during the game.

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