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Michael wishes to be trained as a FBI agent at the FBI Academy

Michael, 15, "I wish to be trained as a FBI agent"

“ It was the perfect break from the Doctor’s and treatment. ”

- Wish kid, Michael

15-year-old Michael (Mike) always was fascinated with law enforcement so it was no surprise when he wished to be a FBI agent for a day.

Mike received a full FBI experience at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He got to ride in fast cars, walk through Hogan’s Alley; try on a bomb suit; take a back door tour of the White House with the Secret Service and even fly up the Potomac River in Congress’ Medivac helicopter.

Mike says that the wish was the perfect break from all of his treatment. The timing of the wish was also very important since it was granted a month before he needed to go back for a second surgery to remove a tumor.

Curious about what Mike is up to these days? Find out on our Throwback Thursday with wish alumni, Mike.

The wish has had a huge impact on my life and has shaped many of my life decisions. ”

— Wish kid, Michael

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