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Francesca swims with sea turtles in Hawaii

Francesca, 17, "I wish to go to Hawaii" Photos provided by Francesca and her family

“ I swam with about five sea turtles and it was one of the most amazing experiences ”

- Wish kid, Francesca

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Wish kid Francesca, who has Osteosarcoma, wished for nothing more than to spend much needed quality time with her family in Maui, Hawaii.

Her wish began with a limo ride that took Francesca to the airport. After twelve hours, she was in Maui and the wish could officially begin! Francesca says, 

the long flight was so worth it once I was in Maui."

She spent the first couple of days exploring the island. She spent some time at the beach, shopping, and just having a wonderful time. Francesca says,

the beach was simply breathtaking; the water was so blue and clear." 

One of the highlights of the wish was when she was able to go on a helicopter ride. She flew around the whole island and got to learn even more about Maui. Francesca says;

I've never seen such amazing and beautiful views in my life." 

Another activity she did in Maui was snorkeling. While snorkeling she was able to view coral reefs and sea creatures of all kinds; she loved it all. She even got to swim with about five sea turtles and it was one of the most amazing experiences she's ever had. She says,

it was one of those experiences I will remember forever."

On one her last evenings, she attended a luau. She really enjoyed learning about the Polynesian culture and history. She said the dancing was really cool and all the people she met were so welcoming to her and her family. Francesca said that,

the wish was wonderful and more than I could have ever imagined. We had an amazing time."

Thank you so much for this trip. It was amazing and I am so thankful for it. I will always remember the time spent in Maui! ”

— Wish kid, Francesca

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