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Benjamin wished to have a superhero themed bedroom

The BIG reveal for Benjamin's room redecoration is finally here!!

“ Seeing Ben so happy and uninhibited at his Wish Reveal Party meant so much to us ”

- Wish mom, Julie

6-year-old Benjamin wanted to have a space to call his own and wished to have his basement redecorated with a superhero theme.

When his wish granters, Jessica and Hilary met with Benjamin (aka Ben), he was sad that he wasn't able to join his twin sister Leah when she left the house to play with her friends at a local play space. He wished for a play room in his own home so that he wouldn't miss any of the fun… and so began his wish to have turn his basement into a superhero man-cave! 

Ben's basement room redecoration was carefully planned, with input from Ben and his family about what he would enjoy the most in his new space designed just for him. Ben knew he wanted the space to be filled with things that not only he would enjoy, but also with fun and entertainment for his twin sister and all of their friends! 

Ben's room redecoration was ongoing throughout the course of his treatment and as he recovered from major surgery, the constant planning and decorating allowed Ben to focus on something other than hospitals and procedures. Finally Wish Day arrived! The big room reveal for Ben was a huge celebration! 

On a beautiful summer afternoon, Ben came home from camp to be greeted by his wish granters ready to reveal to him his new playroom but they were not alone. Ben's parents and sister were joined by cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and the neighborhood families that had been a constant source of support their family over the very difficult past year. So many people that love Ben so dearly all gathered to welcome him to his brand new, fully redecorated playroom. 

His eyes and smile were sparkling as he ran from area to area, cheering about the new couch, TV and gaming system, quickly jumping into a game of foozball on his new game table (where he can play pool, foozball, ping pong and many more games!).  

The walls are decorated with a mural of all of Ben's favorite superheroes, very appropriate as Ben himself is a real-life superhero!  

The floors are covered by brightly colored tiles and matching the paint on the stairway. Ben also was thrilled to see an art and music area, complete with a gigantic floor piano-mat that makes music when danced on. 

Ben's friends and family partied all afternoon - they checked out all of the new games, art, music, balls, hula hoops and Ben ran from chair to chair, jumping into the gigantic bean bag with smiles on everyone's faces. Ben busted open a blue star piñata and everyone enjoyed a candy celebration followed by Ben blowing out a candle on his Happy Wish Day cake and of course, making a wish! 

Ben's wish for a new superhero, man-cave inspired playroom not only provided him with the hope, strength and joy he needed while fighting like a superhero for the past year, it will continue to bring him joy for years to come and his family is grateful to Make-A-Wish® Hudson Valley for making it all happen. 

His parents could not say enough thank you's for all that was given to Ben and were so appreciative of the planning, caring, love and attention to detail that went into making sure Ben's Wish came true!  

  • Mom, dad, Leah and Benjamin's wish granters right before revealing the room redecoration

  • Twin sister, Leah, is ready to see Benjamin's wish to be revealed.

  • Sneak peak into Benjamin's basement makeover

  • The BIG reveal for Benjamin's room redecoration is finally here!!

  • Leah is excited to see that Benjamin included Wonder Woman for her in his room redecoration.

  • Benjamin loves superheroes so his room redecoration needed to have Batman, Superman, and Iron Man to name a few

  • Benjamin is channeling his inner BatKid on his wish day!

  • Spiderman also makes an appearance in Benjamin's room

  • Benjamin's art supplies fit right into his new room and will be getting a lot more use with the new space

  • What's a room reveal without some cake! Happy Wish Day Benjamin!

  • Say "Happy Wish Day" Benjamin!

  • Benjamin sends a big HUG to everyone that made his day unforgettable

  • Benjamin posing with his wish granters, Jessica and Hilary

We feel so blessed that Make-A-Wish entered our lives and provided hope, tons of smiles and a fun distraction during a very difficult time. ”

— Wish mom, Julie

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How heart warming. So special...xox

August 20, 2014 - 4:47 PM

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